“My heart skipped a beat” by Nasir Kazmi

Shuvomoy Das Gupta

March 18, 2022

Thanks to YouTube's recommendation algorithm, I came across this beautiful ghazal written by poet Nasir Kazmi. The soulful voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali takes this amazing piece of poetry to another level.

Dil dharakne ka sabab yaad aayaa
Woh teri yaad thi ab yaad aayaa

Haal-e-dil ham bhi sunate lekin
Jab who rukhsat hue tab yaad aayaa

Aaj mushkil tha sambhalna ae dost
Tu museebat mein ajab yaad aayaa

Baith kar saayaa-e-gul mein 'Nasir'
Ham bohat roye woh jab yaad aayaa

English translation

My heart skipped a beat suddenly today,
And I remembered you, my beloved!

I wanted to express the state of my heart,
But when that time came, you were not in my life.

Keeping up appearances was not so easy in that moment
My heart could think of only you, when I tried not to.

Sitting in a shadow of tranquility today,
This lonely heart bleeds at your remembrance.